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3 Keys to Ruling the World
There are, of course, more than 3 keys to ruling the world. And we doubt you are reading this article because you really want to. However, we think these 3 paradigm shifts will help you become one of the most impactful people ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS HAVE EVER MET!
    1. Move from fuzzy to clear ambitions: The reason Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa all lived great stories is because they, and the rest of the world, knew exactly what they wanted. King wanted racial equality, Churchill wanted to defeat Hitler and Mother Theresa wanted dignity for the poor. So, if we want to live impactful stories, our ambitions must be just as clear. Take out a piece of paper today and write down what your primary ambitions are. Meditate and pray about them. This one step will make you a much more compelling person. Try doing this the second you finish reading this article. It won't be long before people around you begin to see you as a leader, simply because you have clear ambitions.

    2. Move from conflict avoidant to conflict engaging: All great characters have to go through conflict. Without conflict, stories are boring and characters don't change. Real-life people are the same. The more we avoid conflict, the less impact we will have. Are you avoiding conflict? Procrastinating? Not reconciling with somebody? Write down three things you are avoiding, tackle them today, and tomorrow you'll be living with less stress. And you'll have an enormous amount of self-respect. Great characters engage conflict peacefully and easily.

    3. Choose meaning over pleasure: Pleasure isn't always bad. In fact, pleasure is mostly good. But when pleasure drives us, we end up living sad stories. Our ambitions should be more meaningful. When we choose what we want our lives to be about, we would do better to choose relational endeavors. Sure, it's okay to make a lot of money. But if our lives are all about making money, we won't contribute much to the well being of our loved ones. Make your ambitions heartfelt. Choose to want a great marriage, to have a well-loved family, to be a supportive listener, to be a protective leader. Make each of your ambitions count by connecting them to the well-being of others.

Thanks for believing you can make a difference by living a great story.

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